Cafe Delphine

Hours of Operation

Cafe Delphine will be closed until further notice due to social distancing restrictions. Please check back often for updates. We look forward to welcoming you back at a later date!

Step into the all-new Cafe Delphine, offering an array of dishes, at a lower price, suitable for any palate. With its beautiful new décor and warm and friendly staff, the menu features award-winning gumbo and soups, steak, seafood, and poultry dishes, freshly baked bread and spectacular desserts that will leave your sweet tooth craving more. This addition to Cypress Bayou’s restaurant lineup incorporates your favorite dishes from the former Café Bayou along with new menu items you are sure to love.



Charbroiled and smothered with bacon, grilled onions, green peppers, mushrooms, and cheese on our homemade onion roll served with fries - ONLY $7.77 *Dine in only.


Indulge in 10 jumbo fried shrimp served with hushpuppies, fries, and tartar sauce - ONLY $7.77 *Dine in only.


Half Crawfish Etouffee & Half Fried Catfish - Tender Louisiana crawfish in our etouffee sauce over white rice served with fried catfish - ONLY $8.99


Chicken Fried Steak - Crispy fried steak served with red smashed taters and white gravy - ONLY $9.99


1 lb. Boiled Shrimp - One pound of boiled shrimp, boiled potatoes, boiled corn on the cob, boiled sausage, jalapeno corn muffin, and shrimp sauce - ONLY $14.99


Fried Catfish - A generous portion of fried catfish served with baked potato and vegetable of the day - ONLY $8.99


Crawfish Etouffee - Tender Louisiana crawfish in our etouffee sauce over white rice - ONLY $8.99


Stuffed Redfish - Baked with our crab dressing topped with crab cream sauce served with baked potato and vegetable of the day - ONLY $16.99


Half Rack of Ribs - The finest, finger-licking good, tenderest (if that’s not a word, it should be) BBQ smoked pork ribs served with fries and vegetable of the day - ONLY $10.99

Guests under 21 are welcome back at a later date.

cafe delphine

Delphine Darden Stouff was a tribal member and medicine woman known for her snakebite cure. She was the last fluent speaker of the Chitimacha language. She was one of the participants who was recorded for hours giving language information (legends and stories) to people sent here to study and preserve the language in the 1930s. These important recordings are the basis for the Chitimacha language revitalization program today. Delphine was also a basket weaver.