Casino War

Casino War

Casino War® is the fastest, simplest table game to learn and play, and is the only game where players can beat the dealer more than 50% of the time. Casino War also offers the optional Tie wager.

How To Play

Make a bet in the marked area. You and the dealer will each receive a card face up. If your card is higher than the dealer’s, you win even money. If your card is lower, you lose. (Ace is high)

Regarding the primary wager, the player has a choice:

(i) Surrender half his primary wager.

(ii) Go to war. If the player goes to war, the player and the dealer must match the original wager, leaving three units in action. Example: If the player had bet $5, he and the dealer would each post another $5, for a total of $15.

(iii) The dealer then burns three cards and gives the player the next one, face-up. The dealer burns three more cards and gives himself the next one, face-up.

(A) If the player beats the dealer, he wins the three-units available.

(B) If the player ties the dealer, he not only wins the three-units available, but he wins an additional unit.

(C) If the dealer beats the player, the house wins the three units available.

Make a wager on the Tie bet and if your card matches the dealer’s card, you win 10 to 1.

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