Shawanna Lewis

Shawanna Lewis

I was born and raised in Franklin, LA. A great advantage of being from here is that I am already familiar with most of the patrons that visit Cypress Bayou Casino. I went to college in 2008 and graduated in 2010 with a Degree in Accounting. After gaining experience in the workforce, I attended school again to obtain my degree/certification as a Medical Office Specialist. My main area of study was Billing and Coding. Math has always been my favorite subject, so it’s no surprise that I have become a woman who loves numbers.

I started my career at Cypress Bayou Casino in October of 2013 as a VIP Representative. I immediately fell in love with all facets of this industry and the many challenges this opportunity had to offer. My experience in this role allowed me to catapult my skillset by elevating my talents to new horizons. Being a VIP Representative allowed me to develop and strengthen my ability to multitask while displaying poise and professionalism. When Cypress Bayou Casino had an opening for a Casino Host position to be filled, I immediately jumped at the opportunity. I feel fortunate that my education and work experience have elevated me to new levels of personal and professional growth. I strive for excellence not only as a driven employee but as a polished professional.

"When I’m not traveling I enjoy fun outings, dinners, catching a matinee, and of course, going to a Saints game."

I have a wonderful husband and three amazing daughters who are the source of my strength, and everyday motivation. When it comes to being a mother, what I hope for most, is to install them with a sense of pride, self-worth, and to always remember, “It’s not where you came from, but where you are going” that matters.

When I am away from work, I enjoy family BBQs, crawfish boils, going on vacations, etc. with my entire family. Anyone who knows me knows that traveling is one of my strongest passions. When I’m not traveling I enjoy fun outings, dinners, catching a matinee, and of course, going to a Saints game.