Cypress Bayou Casino Hotel Players Can Earn Gardening Essentials in May

May 10 , 2019

Cypress Bayou Casino Hotel is giving players the opportunity to earn gardening tools and more every Sunday in May 2019. Lucky slot, video poker, and table games players who earn 25 points or 1 hour rated table play can redeem for the gardening essentials gift collection.

Players have the opportunity to earn gardening essentials including a Stanley® 25-foot extension cord, a Black + Decker® snake watering wand, a 25-foot Hose Hero® watering hose, and a Green Works® electric weed eater.

“The people of Acadiana enjoy spending time with friends and family in their gardens so we get excited when we are able to provide gifts that are relevant and useful for our guests,” said Richard Picard, Director of Public Relations and Advertising for Cypress Bayou Casino Hotel. “The Earn and Get Gardening Essentials promotion is one of the many promotions in May 2019 that we designed with our guests’ needs in mind.”